Team-Building Activity: Master Architects

I found this month’s team-building activity at Leadership Geeks (formerly Leadership with You) – a website dedicated to developing amazing leaders. It’s got a lot of great information and resources and a TON of free icebreakers and team-building-exercises. So, if you like what you read below, be sure to check out all the other amazing … More Team-Building Activity: Master Architects

Strategic Planning – Panning for Gold

Ask anyone who has organized or led a strategic planning process what it was like and you’ll likely hear that it was a lot of hard work but very worthwhile. The written strategic plan represents the visible tip of the proverbial iceberg; all the hard work (data gathering, analysis, stakeholder interviews, discussions, prioritizing, wordsmithing, etc.) … More Strategic Planning – Panning for Gold

Planning – What’s Your Archetype?

Planning. It permeates every aspect of our lives – personal and professional. We plan what to wear every day. We plan what to eat and what to shop for. We plan vacations, dinner engagements, family gatherings and household chores. There is strategic planning, operational planning, program and project planning, long-range planning and annual planning. Event … More Planning – What’s Your Archetype?

Team-Building Activity: Improve This!

Acknowledgement: The team-building activity presented in this post was adapted by permission of the publisher from the book Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers: 50 Exercises That Get Results in Just 15 Minutes by Brian Cole Miller ©2015 Brian Cole Miller. Published by AMACOM, NY, NY. All rights reserved. This month’s posts have focused on … More Team-Building Activity: Improve This!