This blog is written for high achievers who are committed to being the best they can be – one skill, one experience at a time. It is for the learner within each of us who knows there is always room for improvement and constantly seeks new ways of approaching situations. It is for aspiring leaders who want to expand their sphere of influence and engage effectively with every person they encounter each day .

I’m a versatile professional who learned the ropes working in the not-for-profit sector where survival meant you had to master many different skills – from planning, collaboration, team-building, policy development and program design to research, marketing, staff and volunteer management, evaluation…the list could go on. As such, my interests are broad and include: leadership development, change management, creativity tools, group dynamics, facilitation, strategic planning, community engagement, communication and storytelling. In my leisure time I enjoy hiking, cycling, music (esp jazz, rock, pop), travelling, food/cooking, wine tastings, reading, game and puzzles.

Primed2Perform reminds us all that we need to constantly invest in our learning and development in order to rise to the challenges we face in our daily lives – whether at work or at home. While I hope to offer you some ideas and tools that will enhance your effectiveness, I also welcome your comments and perspectives as collective wisdom is far richer than individual opinion.

Here’s to our collective success in a world that desperately needs the passion of everyday leaders!



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