Team-Building Activity: Faulty Towers

Just like the skyscrapers in the featured image accompanying this post, teams don’t just suddenly shift from average execution to high performing achievers. This transformation occurs over time and requires deliberate attention from all team members. In addition to focusing on the tasks at hand, high performing teams have learned the importance of strengthening their … More Team-Building Activity: Faulty Towers

Team-Building Activity – Identifying Strengths

Regular readers will know this is the third post in my series on team-building. If you are new to the blog – a warm welcome to you! Be sure to check out my other posts on team-building • Team-Building – More Than Recess for Adults – a reflection on why team-building is critical to organizational success and … More Team-Building Activity – Identifying Strengths

Team-Building Activity – Love, Learn, Leave

In last week’s post, I wrote about the “love-it-or-hate-it” concept of team-building, some of the benefits and a few tips on how to make these activities more meaningful and effective. The next few posts are going to focus on specific team-building activities you can run easily with your team or at a professional networking event. I … More Team-Building Activity – Love, Learn, Leave